ConsultationsConfidential, private sessions with Ann may be made by appointment. They take place in her home in Monona, Wisconsin. You may bring in any dream(s), visions or intuitive experiences that you’d like to understand more fully.  You may also select one of the topics described below.  All appointments last 60 minutes unless otherwise noted.   $38

Traditional dream consultation.

Processing your dreams, nightmares or visions in order to understand their messages and discern their meaning.

A 90 Minute Combination of Reiki and Dream Consultation  

This approach integrates dream consultation with the ancient Japanese technique of energy work. You wear comfortable clothing and rest on a massage table during the treatment.   $55

Looking at out-of-the ordinary experiences or synchronicities from a “waking dream” perspective.

When you look at these unusual occurrence(s) in a symbolic context, it often leads to insight about the meaning and significance of the event.

A Meditative Approach to Problem Solving  

When you’re wrestling with a difficult  problem, accessing your subconscious perspective on it often results in a deeper understanding of the situation.  This approach uses a guided imagery exercise to encourage a dreamlike response, which is then viewed symbolically.

Accessing your Inner Wisdom

Explore the different paths that connect you to your subconscious wisdom while you’re awake.  What can you do to ensure that the avenues of communication remain open between these two sides of yourself?

Creating your own Sacred Space

Envision and create a special place for yourself where you will find refuge, renewal, and inspiration.

 Discerning your Spiritual Path 

How would you begin to quiet your mind and listen to spirit? What meditative practices resonate with you?  What brings you a sense of ease and peacefulness?  Once you have identified a form of meditation that works for you, your journey has begun.

Restoring your Balance 

The demands of our daily lives tend to stifle our intuitive messages and dreams.  Consequently feelings of  restlessness or alienation may arise.   We’ll discuss how  you can maintain a healthy balance between your inner and outer worlds. 

Seeking your Inner Teacher 

Connecting with your inner guide offers a rich resource of strength and counsel.  By using a gentle imagery exercise, you will be invited to meet this wise one who has much to share with you. You will also be given the option to record the script of the imagery exercise, so that you may return to visit your sage whenever you wish.

Walking the Labyrinth as a Symbolic Journey 

Discover a variety of ways to relate to this wonderful meditative resource and experience its centering effect on you. 

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