• Celeste M.

    The retreat was meaningful, wonderfully emotional and a “knock on the door” to enter my inner self. Thank you Ann.
    Celeste M.

  • Rachel B.

    Ann, thank you for bringing so many gifts into my life. The gifts of honoring and trusting my gestation, the gifts of insights and intuition about my journey, the gifts of inspiration and empowerment. You are a delight and joy to be around, a treasure.
    Rachel B.

  • Carol K.

    Ann is a unique, sincere person…a warm and friendly individual. Her caring comes through strongly both in talking to her and in her classes.
    Carol K.

  • Barbara S.

    What a wonderful time we had with you at the workshop. Thanks Ann, for giving us so much. You truly have a talent for finding the kernel of meaning in all situations. Many of us thought we got to a deeper level than we ever had previously. And I give the credit to you and your leadership.
    Barbara S.

  • Sister Maria D.

    It was a privilege for me to be in your course on dreams. You have greatly enriched my life.
    Sister Maria D.

  • Connie L.

    The retreat was a very comforting, joyful experience and I felt renewed. Ann’s insight and understanding is so valuable.
    Connie L.

  • Tammy V.

    I would like to take any class that Ann offers. She is a stimulating, positive teacher.
    Tammy V.

  • Kate S.

    I’m glad I had the chance to attend your dream workshop. I purchased my spiral notebook today and it is by my bed.
    Kate S.

  • Howard F.

    Thanks so much for participating in our Arts and Humanities Day. We’ve had rave reviews from our faculty and those students who participated in your workshops. It was both educational and entertaining.
    Howard F.

  • Lori A.

    Great workshop, Ann. I liked your innovativeness and your sensitivity to the feelings of every individual in our group.
    Lori A.

  • Wendy G.

    Ann, this retreat was a real blessing. It was a well-paced, interesting, non-judgmental experience. Each person and every idea seemed accepted and you incorporated people’s contributions in a seemingly effortless way.
    Wendy G.

  • Marge L.

    The atmosphere of the class was inclusive, participatory and comfortable.
    Marge L.

  • Amanda M.

    The actual analysis of dreams was so instructive and enriching. I wish her class lasted three hours, instead of two!
    Amanda M.

  • Betty N.

    The workshop was extraordinary! Ann brings so much integrated heart and head knowledge. She is a treasure!
    Betty N.

  • Allan C.

    Ann is a very sensitive, empathetic listener and facilitator.
    Allan C.

  • Marty D.

    What I liked about Ann’s style of teaching was her warmth, openness, breadth and depth of experience and her ability to articulate it all with understanding. I also appreciated how she applied a variety of dream work techniques. It was all so relevant and meaningful.
    Marty D.

  • Margaret S.

    The retreat was interesting and well-taught. Ann created a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. There were a lot of good feelings.
    Margaret S.

  • Tom K.

    Fine job, Ann. Sensitivity and respect flowed smoothly. Spirit was omnipresent.
    Tom K.

  • Pat M.

    Thank you so much for coming to Ann Arbor and facilitating our retreat, for being flexible and creative as a leader, for treating us with delicacy and finesse, and for fitting into our group so easily.
    Pat M.

  • Gail O.

    Ann, we were blessed by your presence and the wisdom you shared at the fall conference. I, for one, was spellbound for the full 75 minutes of your presentation. You set the environment with such thoughtfulness and facilitated the circle in such a welcoming way. What you shared in listening, interpreting and confronting our dreams was so refreshing and inspiring.
    Gail O.

  • Greg & Deb R.

    We talked all the way home about the wonderful time we had at the couples dream retreat. Thank you so much for facilitating and sharing so much of yourself in the process. It really helped us feel comfortable enough to speak up.
    Greg and Deb R.

  • Ann S.

    I couldn’t have wished for an instructor more suited to teaching this course! You brought such a respect and love for the subject matter that you glowed. I especially liked the experiential exercises and the guidelines you gave us for ongoing work with our own dreams.