Sessions with Dream Groups

credentialsFounding Your Own Dream Group

If you have four or more individuals interested in establishing your own group, I can meet with you to help you get started by providing some basic tips on how to organize and facilitate your group.  I could also join you for the initial session(s) to demonstrate how to effectively process your dreams in the circle. $10 per person

Advanced Sessions with Ongoing Dream Groups

Established groups may contact me for refresher sessions.  Your group may either select one of the topics listed below or simply ask me drop in and work with whatever dreams come up during your meeting.  $10 per person

Topics Include:

  • Processing recurring dreams as a series.
  • How to approach emotionally charged dreams.
  • Identifying “waking dreams” & viewing them from a symbolic perspective.
  • Inner dialogue with dream characters & symbols.
  • Reflecting on the evolution of your dream group.
  • Sounding the dream.
  • Inviting a group member’s dream to “play out” in your imagination.
  • Sensing a dream through your body awareness.
  • Strategies for long term work with your dream journal.
  • Experiencing the healing effects of Guided Imagery.
  • Introduction to Sandplay techniques.
  • Enacting dreams.
  • Autodrama on a Paper Stage, an approach developed by Ann Sayre-Wisesman.

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