Karinsingingheartbookcover24x36PROOF4Awakening to the Song of Yourself: Revelations by Day and Dreams by Night introduces you to the other side of yourself. It invites you to discover your inner resources by identifying a variety of pathways that lead into and out of the “subterranean territory” in your psyche. Awakening describes how to decipher the abundant clues of your subconscious expression that emerge on a daily basis during times of waking and sleeping.

Containing over a hundred personal anecdotes and dreams from Ann’s students, clients and her own life, Awakening illustrates how the subconscious reveals insights into personal dilemmas and helps individuals recognize their innate gifts. With suggested activities and exercises at the end of each chapter for those readers who wish to deepen their self-awareness, the book may also be used as a guide for further individual or group exploration.

Awakening has sold out of its first and second edition printings. The redesigned third edition is now available for purchase.

Special thanks to Kristin Sobol, a local, graphic artist, who created thirty original, copyrighted drawings for the book. Ten of these illustrations have been adapted for this website.

Cover illustration by Karin Hagelin-Medall.  Cover Design by StarLight Tews.

Awakening is now available in ebook format! You may purchase the ebook for $12 using the “Buy Now” button below. You will receive an email containing a link to download the book.

Awakening is also available for $25 in softcover which you may purchase in one of 3 ways:

    • Directly from Ann by using the “Buy Now” button below. Ann will personally mail you a signed copy of her book.  This option ensures that all revenue goes to the author. Shipping costs will be added automatically.

    • At Mimosa Books and Gifts at 260 W. Gilman just off State Street in downtown Madison.
    • Through the CreateSpace website by using this link. CreateSpace gives a greater percentage of the book’s revenues to the author than Amazon.

To view some of the inside pages and read the reviews of Awakening on Amazon, please click here.