Reviews of Awakenings

  • Awakening to the Song of Your Self is one of those books you not only buy and read but also recommend to your friends! In fact, I am recommending it to the participants in my Jung Institute courses. Anyone who takes the time to read this book and explore the many suggested exercises will thank their lucky stars. Ann Aswegan has brought together just about every helpful practice for leading a fulfilled and happy life that I can imagine. As someone who professionally works with dreams and leads dream groups, I’m thrilled by what she says about dreams and how to approach them. I’m sure many lives are going to be enriched by the wisdom she imparts and the personal anecdotes she includes. The illustrations are delightful, too!

    Dr. Art Funkhouser
    Analytical Psychologist and Dreamwork Instructor
    C.G. Jung Institute, Küsnacht, Switzerland

  • Awakening to the Song of Your Self is an excellent sourcebook for those interested in exploring their dreams and enriching their lives through creativity, intuition, and personal insight. In this book, Ann invites the reader to embark on a journey of depth and discovery. And, through the sharing of her own dreams, rites of passage, and learning experiences, Ann creates the warm ambience of being in conversation with a wise, trustworthy companion and teacher. It is a book that invites regular revisiting, dipping in and out of chapters for new ideas and fresh inspiration.

    Dr. Susan Benson
    Educator, Dreamgroup Facilitator and Counselor
    St. Ives, Australia

  • This is not just a dream book but a book about awakening to life— observing every synchronicity, connection, feeling, and relationship you have in your life, as well as your dreams, to become aware of the totality of who you are. This beautiful, easy-to-read book is filled with real-life examples that illustrate what Ann Aswegan has discovered, has practiced, and is teaching us, told from the perspective of her own journey. Ann’s approach to working with dreams is woven into the totality of working with life. Her understanding of color and its relation to emotion, and looking through the eyes of your dream characters to let the dream speak and tell your inner story, resonates deeply with my own work and research. Awakening to the Song of Your Self is truly a delightful must read.

    Robert Hoss, author of Dream Language
    Director of the DreamScience Foundation
    Cave Creek, Arizona


  • Ann Aswegan’s wisdom and light shine on every page of this authentic book. Awakening to the Song of Your Self is a gift from the heart to all of us who seek to experience our dream life in a deep and meaningful way. I especially found her chapter on journaling dreams an inspiring reminder of the need to ground these nightly messages into words and art. Her suggestion to index the journal was a brilliant one that was new to me. Also, her expertise on leading dream groups has been valuable in my own practice. There is something for everyone in this comprehensive guide to accessing your dreams and intuitive experiences in search of your full human potential.

    Catherine Ann Lombard
    Psychosynthesis Psychologist, Counselor and Coach
    Gronau, Germany

  • Awakening to the Song of Your Self is very accessible and clearly a work of love on the part of its author, Ann Aswegan. The educator in her shines through these pages, just as it did when I attended one of her dream workshops. I admire the process she employed in creating this book, using a simple and straightforward format that harvested many years of reflection and application. Ann’s enthusiasm to share this with others is also quite compelling and is echoed in her dream involving the grand piano lessons she offers to all who feel drawn to its music. In both her dreams and waking life, Ann is an agent of encouragement for others to listen, tap into, and play the songs that arise within them.

    Jodine Grundy, Psychotherapist, Life & Leadership Coach
    Past President and current Board Chair
    International Association for the Study of Dreams
    Cincinnati, OH

  • Ann Aswegan’s opus on Awakening to the Song of Your Self will invite you to wean yourself from the machines of our culture and look within for guidance. Each chapter offers suggestions that will keep you busy round the clock harvesting wisdom from your dreams and life experiences.

    Ann Sayre Wiseman, author of
    Nightmare Help: A Guide for Parents and Teachers
    Cambridge, MA

  • Awakening to the Song of Yourself offers a rich feed for everyone who cares
    about doing the “inner work” of discovering their authentic Self. Ann Aswegan brings years of study, reflection, and teaching to this compendium of inner work techniques.  Ann’s personal experiences, vivid examples, and practical exercises offer something for every seeker on the path to self-discovery.  Her book is truly
    a “thesaurus,” a treasure house.

    Boris Matthews, Ph.D.
    Director of the Analyst Training Program
    C.G. Jung Institute of Chicago, IL