About Ann

annimageDreams captivate me. Interacting with them for over 50 years has profoundly enriched my life. These nighttime narratives reveal an expansive, mysterious part of my Self that resides under the surface of my conscious awareness. My dreams serve as an internal compass that points me toward my authentic nature. They have led me to my work as a dream consultant-holistic health educator, and they continue to guide me as my work evolves.

I have delved into the study of dreams with experts in the field and have offered classes, workshops and presentations related to dreams for the past 25 years. Many of the dream groups that I have launched continue to thrive on their own today.

While dreams provide the most direct evidence of your inner world, a variety of other avenues exist for you to explore your own depths. My presentations on Holistic Health Related Topics demonstrate how to get in touch with these inner resources and benefit from their wisdom.

I also offer private consultation sessions for those who would like to process their dreams or intuitive experiences in a confidential setting.

I invite you to browse my web site and contact me with any questions or feedback.

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